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Anonymous asked: Dear person I had a crush on...



I hope you find your own path, and I hope you don’t lose your soul in this soulless place. I hope you have opened your eyes to the beauty of the world and it’s people, and abandoned your anger and cynicism. There is a certain light in your eyes, a beautiful passion, but you extinguish it to earn the favor of others, of those who could never make you happy. I always treasured our minutes we had to spend together, and I always was saddened when you left with such little care. You taught me things I won’t forget, not as much through your wisdom as it was with your ignorance and shallow nature. I cared deeply for you in those months because there were moments where you showed your true self like the pond’s surface melting after the cold, but every time you left you left me with very conflicted feelings. I realized you would be nothing to me a long time ago, but I stayed anyways.

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TV shows that build up relationships only to destroy them then rebuild then then destroy them and ultimately leave me questioning everything I know are the reason why I have trust issues.

A Moment of Innocence, Mohsen Makhmalbaf

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